Back From Oblivion - Also, Skyrim Photography

So it's been a while since I did this whole "blog" thing... if that wasn't obvious already. ANYWAY, life got me running AROUND! *ahem* Sorry for the bad grammar. I'm hoping to revive this blog. No promises, though.
On to the good stuff. Skyrim is awesome. I have so far spent 96 hours in my second world and it reminds me of how Morrowind felt. Mysterious, dangerous and intriguing. You can feel the history, the mythology. A lot of credit goes to the art department for designing the world so well. This was something Oblivion was lacking to me, so it's nice to be so satisfied by Skyrim. It's just beautiful too, which leads me to the focus of this entry. I'm going to be taking pictures on my journey and post them here. Now that I found out how to remove the HUD from the game, they're gonna look great! Hit the break without further ado...

First, one from a month ago. A portrait of Marky Mark. A... cow/ox/thing I found walking alone to the north of Whiterun. I followed this marked-up livestock for ~30 minutes, real-time. We fought off wolves and bandits. We enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Skyrim wilderness. We bonded. It wasn't until much later I went online and searched for some info on my companion that I discovered it was a sacrificial cow the locals gave to giants to appease them. I hope I made his last moments on Tamriel enjoyable. Requesciat en pace, Marky Mark.
Marky Mark
Next up is a shot of the meadhall in Winterhold.
Warmth Inside
Ascending to the Throat of the World, I took this shot. The cold, dark nights feel lonely sometimes.
Lonely Marker
From the peak, a dragon circled in the moonlight. I also grabbed a nice shot of him after the sun came up.
Moonlit Flight
Dragon Shadow
After that, I found my way to the eastern plains of Skyrim and found some nice butterflies and a cold-looking lake.
Blue Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly
Cold Lake
I always liked how the Luna Moths look, so I headed to Shadowgreen Cavern and waited until midnight...
Isolated Cavern
Firebug's Flight
Luna Moth Emerges
Moonlit Glow
And, of course, I was attacked...
Spriggan Pack
After emerging from the Cavern, I took a moonlit stroll and ran into a ghostly form, the Headless Horseman!
Snowy Encounter
Aurora and Spectre
Ghostly Crossing
I followed him around from the Shadowgreen Cave, around the plains, through a few settlements, and past Solitude. It was an interesting experience, especially because I have been fast-traveling lately in a hardcore Miscellaneous Mission mareathon. Actually walking around instead of just fast-traveling adds to the sense of immersion. The game feels much larger and mysterious when you're on hoof in the trenches as it were.
I hope you enjoyed these. There will be more to come later on.

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