Mobile Entry | Turtle Trails?

Turtle trails flavor of ice cream? Like turtle poo? Cause that's what I imagine when I think of turtle trails...

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Mobile Entry | Who Shot The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?

One of our $129 pumpkins was found with am inexplicable hole in it. I call murder. Murder most foul. Others say someone poked it and it rotted out like so. What do YOU believe?

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Daily Entry | An AwesomeSaber Preview

A few months ago, I was randomly searching online, as I often do, and as I sometimes do, I searched around for some outfit that makes custom lightsabers. Years ago I went to a Halloween party as a Jedi with a friend and we "made" our own lightsabers. I made a design that was so elegant and beautiful it actually depressed me because I knew I didn't have the know-how or the hardware to pull it off. Sooooo, we cobbled together some PVC and screws and junk and made some alright looking sabers.
From that Halloween I had a dream to find someone that could make my dream lightsaber a reality. Over the years I've come across a few places that offered "custom" saber builds, but most of them just had a selection of parts you could choose to have assembled by whoever. The only actual custom job had prices so exorbitant it was almost funny. Moreso, their portfolio contained some bad looking creations. Everything looked like it was out of some high school shop class... I mean... c'mon!
But I digress... A few months ago while doing the randomness I came across Parks Sabers. I checked over their production models, and was quite impressed with the quality of reproduction of their clone models, as well as their own designs. Not only did they have great looking hilt designs, but they came with DETACHABLE, TOUGH lighted blades! Continuing to the museum, it became apparent they did custom jobs. I fired off an e-mail asking if it was really "custom" jobs they do. I got a reply less than 12 hours later asking for a design. So I drew up this outline:

...and e-mailed it. Again, promptly came the reply, "give us a call to talk about the details". Could it be? Could they really do this? Can my dream come true? I called and talked to Jeffery Parks, the head honcho himself (awesome personal attention to customers!) and he went over my design and in a very cool way talked me through the practicality of the design. We altered a few details (which to me, ended up with a better looking final design) and he said he'd get to making it. After the 12 week turnaround, I got an e-mail with pictures of my finished design. It's amazing; better than I could've imagined. And I can't wait to have it in my hands. Check it out!

Absolutely amazing! Unless these are fake pictures, I'm going to love it! It looks like a prop from the movie, like it could be an actual saber. Wow. *drool*
I'll post more pics, and with the blade attached when I get it.

Swag | Borderlands (PS3)

Just got my copy of Borderlands in the mail. Now all I need is for RedDragon to get his copy and we can game on!

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