Nights... Into Dreams (Do Come True!)

As usual, I've been very busy lately. There have been a few new developments in life but this isn't the entry for that. No, my friends. This entry is so much better. If you've been reading my little 360 page here for a while, then you'd know I have been a big supporter and fan of all of Sega's consoles and games (if you haven't; now you do). Anyway, I got the Sega Saturn years ago for my birthday and along with it came the wonderful game NiGHTS: Into Dreams. This was a sort of "beginning" to the now-long list of interesting out-of-the-box games Sega's released. The game was essentially about two children that traveled to a dream world called Nightopia when they slept. Nightmares were invading and the two kid-o's, along with the most awesome jester I've ever played as were the only ones that could save the denizens of Nightopia. You flew through the sky collecting orbs, avoiding enemies, and twisting and turning to get a high score at the end of the "course"... hard to explain, so I'll just show you!

Suffice to say, it was one of the most original and fun games I've ever played (and still do from time to time). To the point, ever since the game reached the masses, fans have been longing for a sequel. Throughout the years there have been many rumors, all of which have resulted in letdowns. Some have given up hope, thinking it was one of those one-shot deals; a kind of test to see if non-traditional games would be successful. Others just gave up because they were losers. But I, I never gave up. And my undying hope has finally paid off. What's more, the Wii is involved.

That's right, folks, it's has been officially confirmed by Sega that a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Nights game is in development, and even has a (tentative) release window in the fourth quarter of this year! They even have a "webpage" for it! So far I've only seen 5 screenshots of the game, but the news alone is enough to get me excited. It's called NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. Once again you have to save Nightopia from the Nightmarens. Here's the text from the site (if you're too lazy to go there yourself).

The critically-acclaimed franchise that gave gamers the freedom to fly in a world of dreams is coming to the Wii™! As a fantasy jester called NiGHTS, you will experience a heightened sense of gliding, spiraling, and looping through seven extraordinary worlds of Nightopia where the ocean resides in the sky and glass-formed cliffs overlook a castle of mirrors. When the "Nightmarens" from the neighboring dark world of Nightmare infiltrate the idyllic Nightopia, NiGHTS must defend the dream world to keep it safe for all dreamers. This holiday, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams will take you in a voyage filled with courage, hope and inspiration.

Awesome. Awesome to the max. Nights with the amazing Wiimote control setup? Yes, please. So yeah, I'll be keeping up with the news on this one. For now, I'll leave you with the few images I could find...

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